Is your laptop often plugged into the power source, even when it is fully charged? Well, this might not be very good for the battery life of your laptop. Overcharging the battery causes cell degradation, which in turn lowers the battery life.

I just bought a new Lenovo laptop and was amazed to find a must-have feature which takes care of this problem. It is called the “Energy Management” feature. This piece of software detects the power source if your laptop is plugged in and limits the charge capacity to 0~45% or 0~50%, which will better protect your battery and extend battery life by alleviating battery cell degradation.

Here is a quick snapshot of how the interface looks like :-

You need to select the “Best Battery Health” option from the above two options. Here is a link to the Lenovo page which describes this in detail :-

Lenovo Energy Management

Cheers, Sid

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